Naila in Bits

Date: February 15th, 2017
Title: Hello World!

As with the start of all of my other ventures into blogging, I'm promising myself that I will update this blog. I will!!! Hopefully the 4th time's the charm (does Tumblr count as blogging?).

Other than being a chronic blog abandoner, I am currently a computer science student in NYC. If you came from my landing page then you already know of all of the other adjectives I like to associate myself with (as typed out by a clever script).

This blog is meant to be more of a narrative of my late night struggles in Computer Science, and my sometimes adventurous adventures in New York, than an informative tech blog. If I did want it to be the latter then I would be posting on medium. That being said I do hope that you gain some sort of insight from my mistakes and from my wins.