Naila in Bits

Date: February 23rd, 2017
Title: Twitter For the Culture Tour

This past week I had the oppertunity to head into Twitter's NYC office to attend their Black History Month event. The event was organized by Black Birds, Twitter's ERG for their African American employees, and Twitter University, Twitter's college recruitment team.

As per tech custom, Twitter's NYC office is definitely a playground of interesting art pieces and fun toys. The last time I was here was for the Twitter Block Party in 2016, an event for summer interns accross all of NYC. I really liked the energy and thought put into both events. These events are a way for students and hopefuls to get to know Twitter as a comapny and take a peak into their culture. It's also a good way to talk and get to know recruiters without the awkward "please hire me" vibe that some networking events give off. Here you already have something to discuss (the talks and/or demonstartions that just happened). But more importantly, if you're an avid Twitter user such as yours truly, it allows you hear directly from people you admire.

I'm a believer in equal human rights (read #BlackLivesMatter) and I've followed @netaaaaaaaa for a while. The discussion between her, @reignofapril, and @jamilahemiex provided some interesting insights in dealing with suddon internet infamy and activisim in the digital age. Balancing out death threats and internet trolls are the opertunities to change the wrongs they see in the world.